About Us

Kathy’s Korner Nursery, Inc., a family owned and operated company, was launched in 1980 by Kathleen and Steve Muse along with the experienced efforts of Kathy’s parents. Kathy’s parents originally established a nursery in 1957 in the colder climates of the northern United States. The business flourished even though plant growth was seasonally limited. The idea to begin anew in the warmer climates of Florida created excitement in Kathy’s family; especially in her father.

The eager family began Kathy’s Korner Nursery, Inc. in St. Petersburg, Florida on two small lots. Kathy and her father diligently worked to plant the seeds and establish a growing nursery. Meanwhile, Kathy’s mother and husband supported the family and business by working outside of the nursery. After only a few short years, Kathy’s mother and husband began working full-time in the nursery along with Kathy and her father.

The efforts and hard work put forth by the family caused the business to expand quickly. By 1989, the location of Kathy’s Korner Nursery, Inc. could no longer support the growing population of plant and tree species offered. Kathy and her family located a larger land space that once catered to another nursery, the Old Hubbard Nursery. The new location proved fruitful as the previous nursery maintained the land for about 30 years, providing Kathy’s Korner Nursery, Inc. with the ideal land and soil for plant and tree growth. The population of plant and tree species continued to increase and grow quickly, causing the family to expand into the land across
the street.

In over 30 years of business and more in experience, Kathy’s Korner Nursery, Inc. has become one of the largest in its area. Although Kathy’s father is now gone, Kathy believes he would be proud of his family and of how well the family business has flourished thus far.